Virtual tours helping industrial facilities

Easily digitize and document your technical infrastructures thanks to technical 360 tours  

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Technical virtual tour

How can digitizing your technical assets help you?

Identify your industrial assets

Create all the virtual tours of your sites and industrial equipment, a base of scalable and transferable knowledge. 

Involve your teams

Thanks to the enriched virtual tour, facilitate the sharing of knowledge, facilitate communication and offer teams a collaboration tool. 

Improve the profitability of installations

Reduce your costs by optimizing the use and maintenance of your industrial buildings. 

Easily build virtual tours

Easily map your industrial sites

From your 360 images, design your virtual tours in a few clicks and in complete autonomy! 


Import all types of photographs into the virtual tour editor: from consumer 360 cameras panoramas to photographs taken from your smartphone! 


Add navigation points throughout your virtual tour and access the different views of the latter. 


Improve the rendering of your virtual tour thanks to various customization features offered by the software. 

Enrich your virtual tours

Accurate documentation of your technical and business data

Your infrastructures are complex places, in perpetual evolution. Thanks to our editor, add and update the operating data of your installations for an always up-to-date inventory! 


Document your virtual visit by filling in all the information about your equipment with photos, pdf files, hyperlinks or information notes. 


Work, change of machines, new installations ... At any time, update your virtual tour by adding photos or points of interest! 

Share your vitual tours

Share information and collaborate on a daily basis

The virtual tour is an accessible and collaborative medium for your teams. Share your data and authorize contributions easily within your company. 


Provide easy access to all virtual tours of your sites and facilities. 


Optimize your knowledge of your resources by inviting your employees to enrich the virtual tours of your infrastructures. 


From any connected device, offer your teams innovative information support, while avoiding unnecessary trips to your sites. 

Control the data of your virtual tours

Managing your data is our first priority

The data used for the realization of your virtual tours belongs to you and must benefit from the best hosting and security options. 


The choice is yours! we offer you different solutions for hosting our application and your business data: shared hosting, dedicated server, or hosting on your own servers. 


Your data and creations are your property. We do not use your virtual tours and give you the opportunity to collect back all your achievements whenever you want. 

Our best advocates

They talk about us

The agencies now have a simple and innovative tool to efficiently identify all the information related to a site or a technical room, or to get an idea of ​​its layout and equipment. 

It is also a very interesting vector of communication, whether it is intended for our customers for the purpose of transparency, or for our suppliers in order to quickly obtain data or an estimate. 

Luc Brenot

Tools & Methods Manager, ENGIE Solutions


Do not wait, start the virtualization of your installations!

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